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7 Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Summer and Spring Seasons

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With warmer days and nights, neighbors are coming out of hibernation to enjoy the weather and each other. If you’re lucky enough to have a front porch on your home, now is the perfect time to update your curb appeal with spring and summer porch décor.

Even if your front porch is nothing more than a front stoop, there are plenty of decorating ideas that can turn any home’s front entryway into a place of welcoming hospitality and personal joy. Here are seven ideas to get you started.

1. Begin with a clean sweep.

After a winter’s worth of harsh weather, leaf debris, and spider webs, now’s the time to give your porch a thorough cleaning. You can pressure wash the floor and siding or simply spray with a hose and use a long-handled scrub brush and some elbow grease to get the job done. Clean up furniture, scrub window shutters, and wash windows. You’re looking better already. Now, let’s think of a few ways to improve your porch with spring and summer front porch decorating ideas.

2. Add a screen door to complement your entry door.

There’s nothing like the slap sound of a screened porch door that indicates the beginning of spring and summer fun. You can opt for an old-fashioned wooden door or upgrade to a retractable screen storm door that will serve you with energy efficiency year-round. It’s the perfect way to let in spring breezes, connect conversation from indoors to out, and keep insects from coming inside.

You can pick a screen door with a color that matches your entry door, or this may be the perfect time to upgrade both doors with a bright color that reflects your personality. Replacing your entry door can also add energy efficiency to your home and give your porch a facelift.

An entryway protected by a screen door while the black woodgrain entry door stands open

3. Add a porch awning.

Canvas awnings can add a classic look to any porch, along with extra shade, comfort, and privacy in the summer months. Traditional front porch window awnings make a great statement. But you can also hang porch roller shades or canvas drapery panels to slide closed to keep out rain or create shade. If you have a front door stoop with no overhang or porch cover, adding a fixed-frame canvas awning can be both decorative and practical, keeping elements off your entry door.

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4. Invite birds to your porch.

If you want to dress up your porch, invite some fine feathered friends to share it with you. You aren’t the only one who enjoys a peaceful porch setting; birds find it a delightful place to dine or make a home.

Hang a decorative feeder or a birdhouse in a quiet place, away from too much foot traffic or inquisitive cats. A birdbath or a garden fountain placed near the porch makes a delightful water feature.

A bird on a birdbath

5. Double the door mat.

Spring and summer are perfect times to refresh your front door mat. This year add more interest by laying it on top of a bigger indoor/outdoor rug or mat to create a more welcoming impact. A tile-style floor mat or vintage floorcloth can bring pops of color and tons of personality to your summer porch décor.

Door mat which reads Home Sweet Home with flowers on both sides

6. Install porch ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans add a cool factor to any porch both in terms of temperature and because they add a relaxed vibe to the setting. Yet another bonus is that the fan’s breeze will deter flying insects from landing on you and your guests. If you can’t do overhead fans, you can find many kinds of outdoor oscillating fans that you can place wherever needed.

A light blue house with a large front porch featuring a white front door centered below a ceiling fan

7. Add or refresh planters and hanging baskets.

No spring and summer front porch makeover would be complete without the fresh addition of greenery and flowers. Consider how the sunlight hits your porch and plan accordingly. Hanging ferns around your porch can thrive with low light, and they add a bit of privacy with their lush foliage.

A brick house with a planter by the front door

Create dramatic planters using the “thriller, filler, spiller” method of combining plant heights. Hang a basket on your entry with fresh blooming plants that can be swapped out throughout the season, or tuck in a few faux blooms to keep it bright.

As you’re considering ways to update your front porch décor, your friends at your local Window World are ready to discuss any curb appeal-enhancing ideas to add beauty and energy efficiency to your home. With 25 years of trusted expertise in window, door, and siding replacement, our pros can help you with a free consultation and quote. Contact your local store today.

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