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What Makes Window World a Military Friendly® Employer

A Window World owner holding a flag in front his store

America’s veterans perform invaluable services to our country. They keep our nation’s people safe and ensure America’s security around the world. But too often, they return home to find it difficult to secure gainful and personally meaningful employment. Unfortunately, many employers aren’t eager to offer good jobs to some of the country’s hardest-working people.

That’s why Window World has made it a company-wide mission to operate as a Military Friendly® Employer. Not only do we employ many veterans in a variety of positions across the company, but we also pursue many ways to back veterans’ organizations and support communities with veterans. Today, we’ll explore how we strive to make a difference as a Military Friendly® Employer.

Employment challenges for military veterans

Woman and man in military uniforms sitting down and talking to each other.

Upon returning to the civilian world, veterans oftentimes face significant challenges or obstacles to employment. For example:

  • Many veterans may lack experience in civilian job markets, particularly if they only worked professionally in the military prior to being discharged or retiring
  • Some employers aren’t aware of the unique skill sets and dedication veterans bring to the table
  • Veterans don’t always have the support networks or resources they need to find the right job for their skills

This combination of factors, combined with other effects, such as the broader job market, can make job hunting incredibly difficult for veterans. However, organizations like Window World are committed to assisting veterans in a variety of ways, such as operating as Military Friendly® Employers.

What is a Military Friendly® Employer?

Woman handing out American flags to veterans at Window World booth

In a nutshell, a Military Friendly® rating is an indicator of an employer’s commitment to supporting veterans by providing them with opportunities and how well that employer succeeds in their efforts. If a company is rated “Military Friendly,” it’s a surefire sign that they’re a great place to work for veterans seeking meaningful employment.

The Military Friendly® rating system is provided by a service-disabled and veteran-owned small business, Viqtory, Inc. While it is not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Defense, the Military Friendly® designation is still seen as an important credential by veterans looking for the ideal position for their skill set and employment goals.

Approximately 1,500 organizations compete each year to earn or retain the Military Friendly® designation. Those who have the designation are separated into five categories:

  • Designated
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Top Ten

Window World: Among the Best Military Friendly® Companies

Group of Window World employees in front of an American flag.

Window World has been a Military Friendly® Employer for over 25 years. There are several reasons why we’re an excellent fit for veterans looking for long-term careers and gainful employment that empowers them to support themselves and their families.

Our entire business system of over 200 locations participates in the Window World Military Initiative, which reflects our ongoing commitment to supporting America’s veterans and their families. The three-pillar Initiative revolves around career opportunities, partnerships with key organizations, and community outreach efforts. Here’s a closer look at the Initiative and what’s involved.

Top Ten Military Friendly® Employer

Close-up of a bunch of American flags on top of a table for Window World Military Initiative.

Not only is Window World a Military Friendly® Employer, but we are also recognized as one of the Military Friendly® Top Ten companies in the nation. In other words, we are among the best companies to work for if you’re a veteran, whether or not you have a college education. We set the standard for other Military Friendly® organizations in terms of quality, commitment to veterans’ success, and job advancement opportunities.

Organizational support

Window World Airplane, a part of Veterans Airlift Command.

We support veterans at Window World beyond offering jobs and supporting veterans in their career advancement. We also work hard to support organizations that provide valuable resources and assistance for veterans across the country.

For example, we support the Veterans Airlift Command (VAC), a nonprofit organization that helps to provide free air transportation for wounded veterans, military spouses, and their families for medical needs and other reasons. For over 115 missions, Window World has lent our corporate jet to the VAC cause, transporting 360 people. Since 2008, we’ve contributed over $2.5 million in flights and donations.

Window World also contributes to additional organizations, like Team Red, White & Blue, and we’re always looking for new ways to show our support for the bravest of America’s citizens.

Community outreach

Three men standing in front of Window World Corporate headquarters sign, each holding up a flag — an American flag, a Window World flag, and a Team Red, White & Blue flag.

Community can have an important effect on the lives and well-being of veterans and their families. That’s why Window World’s corporate team, as well as our franchise owners and employees, get involved in community projects. Charitable support, volunteer work, and exterior home remodels are just a few examples of the ways we give back to those who’ve already given so much to this country.

One Window World group donated furnishings and completely renovated the child development center at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Arizona, home to the largest fighter wing in the U.S. Air Force. We also maintain the outreach program Pups4Patriots with American Humane, which helps to provide specially trained service dogs to veterans with PTSD or traumatic brain injuries.

When you work with a Military Friendly® Employer like Window World, you’ll have the opportunity to see how we work hard to improve the lives of veterans and get the opportunity to contribute yourself.

What to do if you're a job-seeking veteran

Two men talking together at a table with a small American flag present. One man is in a military uniform, and the other is in civilian clothes.

We know that finding meaningful work to support your family and fulfill your career goals can be difficult. That’s why we encourage veterans just like you to contact us about hiring and training opportunities.

Both at Window World’s corporate offices and many of our local franchises, we offer many jobs that are perfect for veterans seeking work. Professional installers, office staff, design consultants, and other positions may be available – and our hiring team is ready and able to connect you to the ideal job for your skillset. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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