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11 Common Myths About Window Replacements

A 2-story home with energy efficient windows

It might be time to replace one or more windows in your home for a variety of different reasons. Maybe you feel a draft in your bedroom, and you know the cold air is sneaking in through an old, warped window. Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade your property value and curb appeal before you put your house on the market.

Whatever the case happens to be, you’ve probably heard certain worrisome myths about new window replacements. Today, let’s debunk 11 of the most common window replacement myths and show you why replacing old windows with energy-efficient windows could be a great idea.

Myth #1: Window replacements are always too expensive

Man showing a couple the large windows of a home during a house showing.

Replacing a single drafty window is one thing. It’s quite another to consider replacing all the windows throughout your house, especially if it’s a large property!

You might think that window replacements are always too expensive to really be worthwhile. In fact, it’s the opposite. Replacing your windows can be financially accessible, especially if you find the right window installers. A quality, local window replacement contractor will help you find replacement energy-efficient windows that fit your budget in no time.

Plus, remember that replacing old windows with new ones is an investment that leads to savings.

Myth #2: All replacement windows do is add property value

Woman and daughter sitting on a couch surrounded by window replacements.

That’s right; if you think window replacements just add curb appeal or property value to your home, think again.

Modern, energy-efficient windows use multiple panes of glass and insulating gas, such as argon or krypton, to trap heat inside or outside, depending on the season. The right windows can save you serious money on your utility bill by keeping your home’s temperature stable, even in hot summer weather or chilly winter storms.

It’s no stretch to say that you could potentially save hundreds of dollars per year just on your energy bills. The more old windows you replace with energy-efficient alternatives, the better – and don’t forget that you can take advantage of tax rebates and credits for energy-efficient window replacements, too!

Myth #3: Energy-efficient windows aren’t worthwhile investments

For sale sign in front of a large home.

Lots of homeowners hear that energy-efficient windows aren’t the most worthwhile investments. After all, how much can a set of new windows really affect your overall property value?

Property value is driven by the practical quality of a home plus its curb appeal. New windows – especially those expertly chosen to fit your home’s existing aesthetic and style – can make your property look a lot better, especially when combined with other improvements, like a new entry door or new siding.

All told, energy-efficient windows can help you charge thousands of dollars more for your property when the time comes to sell. After all, you won’t just point out the new windows and how good they look – you can also remind prospective homebuyers that those energy-efficient windows will save them money each month on their utility bills.

Myth #4: It takes a long time to replace windows

Window replacement contractor quickly installing a new energy-efficient window

Say that you have to replace a series of old windows throughout your property. You could worry that it will take weeks or months for the job to be finished.

This isn’t usually the case, even though there are occasional horror stories you might see online. In most cases, replacing a set of old windows with energy-efficient ones takes just a couple of days from start to finish. Depending on window size, window style, and other factors, it may be much faster than you think!

When you work with experienced window replacement contractors, they’ll be able to install your brand-new windows in a matter of hours. Plus, they usually won’t make a mess; multiwindow installation jobs typically have the contractor crew replace one window at a time, cleaning up as they move along. That way, your home doesn’t have several missing windows at once.

Myth #5: You’ll be uncomfortable during the window replacement process

View of window replacement contractor completing a job inside of the home

Speaking of missing windows, don’t think of window replacement as a necessarily uncomfortable process. As we mentioned above, a stellar contracting crew can make window replacement a breeze. Even if you decide to purchase and install several new windows at the same time, a great crew can accomplish their task with a minimum of disruption for you and your family.

Since each window will be installed one at a time, the construction crew will only ever be interfering with one room. There’s no need to worry about window replacement contractors working throughout your home all at once like you might expect with a larger home renovation project.

Myth #6: You can only replace windows in the spring or summer

Window replacement contractor holding up a new window as he completes replacement.

As you think about window replacements, you may hear the common myth that you should only order window replacements in the spring or summer months when it isn’t too cold outside. At first glance, this seems to make sense; won’t replacing a window in the winter lead to a lot of warm air escaping outside?

In reality, new window installation can happen year-round. Experienced contractors can use smart techniques and special materials to minimize heat loss in your home and accomplish new window installation very quickly. Then, as soon as your new windows are installed, they’ll be insulated and far more energy-efficient than earlier models.

Myth #7: All window replacements are the same

Well-lit dining room of a home surrounded by large window replacements

You should never order a window replacement from any contracting company under the assumption that it doesn’t matter which windows you choose. Make no mistake, there are excellent windows and subpar ones.

If you can't tell which is which, don't worry. Your contractors should be able to tell you which windows are worth your time and money and which styles will best fit your property. It's always a better idea to buy energy-efficient windows made with excellent materials like vinyl or fiberglass, which are affordable, durable options for window frames.

Don’t forget that window type can also affect your house’s curb appeal. A single-hung window might look fine in the dining room, but another option, like a picture window, can significantly bolster curb appeal and make it much more pleasant to eat dinner with your family with an uninterrupted, expansive view outside.

Myth #8: You don’t need to replace windows unless they’re broken

Man sitting in a home office next to a large picture window

If you’re thinking about an exciting home renovation project, you don’t need to wait until your existing windows are broken or drafty to replace them with new ones. There are lots of reasons why you should think about replacing windows sooner rather than later, like:

  • Saving money on your utility bill
  • Improving curb appeal and property value, especially if you plan to move in the next few years
  • Making your home more enjoyable to live in right now!

Say you like to spend time in a study or work office that only has a single narrow window. A new, wider window with energy-efficient panes could let in lots of natural light, making that office more enjoyable to work in.

Myth #9: Large window replacements lose extra energy

Dining room of a home including a table with four chairs around it situated in front of expansive energy-efficient picture windows.

Some of the largest energy-efficient windows on the market, like picture windows or bay and bow windows, may look so large that you worry they’ll lose energy in the summer and winter extremes. But so long as those windows are made with several panes of glass and energy-efficient frame materials, they’ll be sealed and secured – assuming they’re installed by the experts, of course.

Properly installed windows are nearly as insulating as the siding of your home. So don’t limit your window replacement options based on the false assumption that bigger windows will make a room too chilly or hot for comfort.

Myth #10: It’s easy to replace windows yourself

Man and woman replacing windows in their home on their own.

When you start researching new window options, it could be tempting to flex your DIY skills and attempt to install new windows yourself. While it's technically true that new window installation can be handled personally, it's not a recommended solution.

Why? Modern energy-efficient windows are only so effective because they are put into place by licensed contractors who have lots of experience and know exactly what they’re doing. In addition, if you try to replace your old windows with energy-efficient models, you could break the new ones, costing you extra time and money you could have saved by hiring professionals to do the work in the first place.

Myth #11: Any window replacement contractor will do

Window replacement contractor seemingly explaining to a woman details of the window replacement project

However, it’s not true that just any window contractor will be right for your needs. Some homeowners believe that all window contractors are alike and you should contact the first one you find. The truth?

Window replacement contractors can vary heavily based on their skills, experience, and reputation. It's in the best interest of you and your home to contract with capable professionals who have the reviews to back up their claims of excellence. You'll be happier that you took the time to find the right window replacement partner when you experience their results.

As you can see, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to replacing one or more windows throughout your home, especially if you partner with the experts. The contractors you choose to work with can have a huge impact on the results of your home renovation project – so it pays to stick with contractors with the reputation and know-how to get the job done every time.

At Window World, our knowledgeable window replacement specialists are just who you should call when you want to replace old windows, upgrade your home’s property value, and enjoy more natural light. Request a quote with us today, or visit a local showroom to learn more!

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